On November 3rd our goal for the 5th FlyKickz Carebags was to raise $1200 by November 23rd to purchase over 400 items to create 20 Air Jordan 1 Paint Kits for children in Trenton, NJ.

Utilizing our social media platform, we turned to our Create Tribe once again asking for their assistance to help make this happen. In 21 days, we successfully raised $1200 for the 5th FlyKickz Carebags and gathered almost 600 items needed on the FK Wishlist to print & press hundreds of items and start customizing the AIR JORDAN 1 paint kits! (Highlights of this journey can be found on FlyKickz Instagram)

Collecting all of these items wouldn’t have been possible without all the amazing contributors. Over 30 individuals made monetary contributors or purchased items from the Amazon FK Wishlist. In addition, many helped spread the word via Instagram reposts.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am excited to announce that this year will be a little different from previous years. In the past, FK Carebags have been distributed to anyone in need outside within the Trenton Community or hand delivered to families. This year, FlyKickz we will be partnering with ARTWORKS TRENTON to host an intimate Meet & Greet with FlyKickz and distribute the FK Carebags to 20 students in Trenton, NJ in January!

Thank you to everyone who continues to Support FlyKickz. Your contributions help us to continue giving back to the Community whether through FK Carebags or free youth art workshops. Alone FlyKickz may be able to do many things but with your help together we can inspire many.

Thank you for being a part of this Journey.

From My Soul to Yours,

Check out the success of previous FK Carebag projects below!

FlyKickz CareBags "FKCAREBAGS" started from a simple idea by Dez collecting hotel toiletries throughout her travels in hopes of distributing them to those in need. An unwavering commitment to this idea that one day she would create bags filled with hygiene products and lunches continued to grow. On August 13, 2018 the idea for the 1st FKCarebags was born.

The difficult part about this process was Dez willingness to step out of her comfort zone and ask for help. FlyKickz has always been a one woman show but this wasn't a journey Dez wanted to experience alone. Through growth and evolving she learned to accept that needing help doesn't make you weak, in fact quite the opposite. It makes you strong, smart, resourceful, and realistic; being prideful is a weakness. Asking for help when you know you're in over your head is STRENGTH.

In 2018, FKCareBags first year was a success, over 500 items were collected to assemble 50 Carebags that were distributed throughout the Downtown Trenton area and nearby homeless shelters.

In 2019, FKCarebags grew from 500 items collected to an astounding 1,500. In addition, 50 lunches were prepared for those in need and distributed throughout the Downtown Trenton Area.

In 2020, in the height of the Pandemic after months filled with many ups, downs, transitions and uncertainties. Dez decided the 2020 FlyKickz Carebags would focus on collecting art & craft supplies for the children in her hometown Trenton. These children were facing the challenges of being away from their friends, no longer in a traditional classroom and in need of creating more ways to creatively express themselves. In less than 15 days with the help of the FlyKickz creative tribe over $1,600 in monetary contributions were raised to help purchase over 1,300 art & craft supplies which were successfully and safely hand delivered to over 40 children.

In 2021 FlyKickz successfully completed the 4th FKCarebags raising $900 in 13days to purchase over 250 items to gift 10 children with art supplies, gift cards and their first FlyKickz canvas. Although, FKCarebags may vary from hygiene products, lunches and even art supplies for children the goal remains the same, “to give back to those within the community and to make a difference one person at a time.”