Royal Sole - Color Therapy

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Royal Sole - Color Therapy

Details about project:
Art has the ability to heal in so many ways. We learned that one of our supporters experiences anxiety and the color yellow often helps.This prompted FlyKickz to learn about colors that might help others with depression and anxiety; this form of healing is referred to as “Color Therapy” or “Chromotherapy”.

This project was very intentional from the sneakers chosen, the motivational cards placed in each case, info cards about the colors, canvas details and custom labeling.

The canvas “Royal Sole” was chosen because FK believes it promotes love and encourages self worth. Colors were strategically selected based on their names.

Yellow: Smiley Face
Orange: Joyful Orange
Blue: Lite Force
Green: Sage Garden

Each “Royal Sole - Color Therapy” canvas was created using Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

Each case will include:
8in x 10in canvas
Motivational cards
Info cards about the color
Canvas details & custom labeling.

*All 4 canvases feature donated sneakers and a proceed of sales will go towards funding community related endeavors like FK Carebags & more.